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On January 23, 2016

Eye Floaters and Flashes

Ever been staring at a bright, clear sky or a white computer screen and see a little string or speck drift across your eye? Those are called eye floaters, and for the most part, they’re harmless. But in some cases, they’re a sign of a medical emergency. Read on to learn how to tell the
On January 19, 2016

Children’s Sunglasses: Choosing the Best Sun Protection for Kids’ Eyes

Do children really need sunglasses? According to most eye doctors and researchers, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and blue light (also called high-energy visible, or HEV, light) from sunlight appear to increase the risk of multiple age-related eye problems, including cataracts and macular degeneration. Researchers say the more exposure you’ve had
On January 16, 2016

Why Dilation During An Eye Exam Should Not Be Skipped

If you’ve ever had a comprehensive eye exam, you’ve probably had those eye drops that make your eyesight blurry for a couple of hours. While it may be annoying, those eye drops are for dilating your eyes and are a very important part of your eye exam. Why dilate your eyes? By widening the pupils
On January 8, 2016

How do animals see?

  It’s easy to assume we see the world just as it is. But this is just one version of reality based on our limited senses. Animals see many other different versions of the world. Depending on how an animal lives and gets food determines how a particular animal’s eyesight would have evolved over time–many