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On May 27, 2016

6 Creative Uses for Old Contact Lens Cases

As a contact lens wearer, it’s easy to end up with a collection of unused cases at the back of the medicine cabinet. Since it’s important to change your contact lens case every one to three months, that adds up to four to twelve new cases a year. Even though you shouldn’t use them again
On May 26, 2016

Double Vision – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Double vision – medically termed diplopia – is a disorder that involves poor teaming between the two eyes and therefore poor vision for the individual Even though separate images are formed in the retina of each eye, the brain fuses the two images into a single unified percept. This fusion process is aided by the
On May 25, 2016

Cataract Prevention With A Healthy Diet

Several studies have been proving that a healthy diet rich with antioxidants and certain vitamins can shift the concerns of cataract, from preventing its formation to even help curb its spreading in the eye Cataract is a condition in the eye wherein the eye’s natural lens tends to form a cloudy layer that results in
On May 25, 2016

Colour Blindness: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Colour Blindness: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Dr. Naseem Fakhereddeen, Specialist in Ophthalmology, gives us an insight on Colour Blindness In the retina (the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye), there are two types of cells that detect light: rods and cones. Rods detect only light and dark and are very sensitive to low
On May 25, 2016

Eye Care : Beating The Sun

Summer is here and so is its heat! While taking care of skin is important, eyes need careful attention too… Summer brings a host of happy times around, but so does it bring a lot many troubles to our skin and eyes. While there are many skin care regime and products to prevent skin damage