Blue Eyes

Our focus from the beginning is to provide the best customer service and facilities for which the company is constantly making innovations in marketing, quality production and delivery schedules. We are providing free Eye Consultation facility in our showroom for our customers . The other features which we offer are:


It allows scientifically checking and cross-verifying the specifications of the prescribed lens, using a computer. The facility provides accurate reading of the processed lens, thus ensures the customer, a perfect vision.


This fully automatic micro-processor controlled lens edging machine with a combination of precision mechanics and digital electronics is used, so that it ensures perfect results for all lens types. The system will calculate the best bevel position ensuring a “First Fit” assembly. This replaces the usual manual edging of lens which is not only inaccurate but also time consuming and skill dependent.


Each eye test starts with an Automatic Refractor Keratometer, a computerized eye examination to determine the most accurate prescription and the curvature of the eye. To further refine the prescription, a phoroptor of the conventional trial frame and lens set is used. An in-house ophthalmologist is always around to assist the optometrist in cases where a regular refraction is not enough.


ladies optical cases, men’s optical cases, hard shell optical cases, reading glasses, eyeglass lens cleaner, lens cleaning cloths, Sport eyewear retainer, nose pads, contact lens case, fashion eyewear chain, and contact lens solutions from famous brands like Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson etc are available in our showroom.

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